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Champion & Reeves Nougat with Cherries

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Champion & Reeves are manufacturers of premium British confectionery. Their products are 100% natural with no artificial additives or flavourings, and are gluten free and palm oil free.

From the producers:

"After too many years of waiting, Champion & Reeves have brought back the Callard & Bowser products desired by so many. Our Nougat has a complex and wonderful taste. Incredible quality is achieved by using only the finest of ingredients and taking time over the process, ensuring that taste and quality come first."

Other Info

  • Ingredients Sugars, Glucose, Orange Blossom Honey 13%, Roasted Almonds (nuts) 10%, Cherries 4%, Egg Whites, Pistachio (nuts) 4%, Rose Water, Madagascar Vanilla Extract, (Natural) Flavourings. Edible Wafer Paper (Potato Starch and Olive Oil)
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