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Privacy Policy and Statement


Partridges understand that your privacy is important to you. We understand that you are concerned with how information about you is utilised and shared. Because we value your business and the trust that you have put into our company, our Privacy Policy sets forth how we work to protect your interests while you do business with us.

Personal information gathered by your use of the website

The whole purpose of our gathering any personal information when you visit our website is to make your experience while at our website as productive and useful as possible. We obtain information through your use of and visit to our website from four primary sources.

1. Information that you provide.

When you voluntarily enter onto our website, we receive and store information from you. Additionally, if while visiting our website you elect to provide us with other information about you, we will receive and store that information as well. We use any information that we receive from you and subsequently store for the sole purpose of customising future visits by you, to respond to your requests and to communicate with you. In short, any information we collect is maintained by us to make your transactions with us easier and more productive for you.

2. Information retained automatically.

There are certain instances when we retain certain types of information automatically. We gather this information automatically through your specific interactions with our website. Like many other Internet websites, we utilise what are known as ‘cookies’. In other words, when your web browser accesses our website, through the use of ‘cookies’, we gather some specific information about you.

Keep in mind that there are certain tools or utilities that allow you browse a website like our own anonymously. If you do elect to utilise such tools or utilities, we will not be able to provide you with a targeted or personalised experience when you visit our website. Indeed, if you do have ‘cookies’ disabled, there are in fact some websites that you will not be able to access at all.

3. Information from email communications.

From time to time we will send you emails in regard to services and products offered by or through our website. In some instances, we will be electronically notified that you have opened an email that we have sent you previously. If you would rather not receive emails from us, please notify us of your preference.

4. Information from other sources.

In some limited instances we may receive information about you and your shopping, product and service preferences from other sources and resources. This limited information will be added to the account information we maintain at our website. An example of this information received from other sources would be information collected by one of our associated vendors.

Website and information security

We take every step possible to protect information that you provide to us or that is collected through our website on your behalf as described previously. Whenever possible, we use specialised software that encrypts information that you input and transmit to our website. 

In order for you to assist us making certain your information is as secure as possible. To not share your password with anyone else. Additionally, if you are utilising a shared computer to access our website, take the time to log off completely after each and every visit to our website.

European Union Safe Harbor participation

Our company and this website participate in the Safe Harbor program as developed by the European Union. We certify that we adhere to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles as established by the European Union. If you would like more information on our European Union Safe Harbor Certification, please contact us directly.

Exchange and sharing of information

As a general rule, our company does not share any information we collect in regard to our customers. There are some limited instances in which we do share information in order to better assist and serve our customers. (These limited instances are detailed in this Privacy Policy and Statement immediately below.) 

We are not in the business of selling any information we collect in regard to our customers at any time.

Any information that we do share is only shared with entities that are subsidiaries of our company or with entities that we have contractual relations with to provide you with certain products and services. Any such entity must agree to comply with the proscriptions of this Privacy Policy and Statement in advance of receiving any information about you or your product and service preferences.

From time to time, information collected may be shared with the following types of entities (within the parameters outlined herein):

A. Agents
From time to time, we do employ other individuals or companies to perform certain functions. For example, we may regularly contract with delivery services. In such instances, it may be necessary to provide such an entity with information about you in order to further the fulfillment of our own agreement to provide you with products or services.

B. Affiliated businesses
In some instances, we do provide products and/or services through affiliated businesses. In these instances, it may be necessary to provide an affiliated business with some information about you in order to further the fulfillment of our own agreement with you.

C. Legal process
On rare occasions, we are legally obliged to provide limited information in order to remain in compliance with the law, to protect our rights under the conditions of use we have publicly endorsed, or to protect the safety of our company, its employees, our website users or other individuals.

D. Your consent
Any other release of information will require your consent.