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Lawry's Seasoned Salt

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Shake on this Original Seasoned Salt, a unique blend of salt, herbs and spices.  It adds flavor and excitement that ordinary salt cannot match.  Try instead of salt - the difference is delicious!

  • Shake on beef, pork and poultry before and after cooking.

  • Season any ground meat for great burgers.

  • Add to french fries, baked or mashed potatoes.

  • Perk up popcorn, any style eggs, rice and pasta dishes.

  • Sprinkle on salads, vegetables, soups and sauces.

Economy size pack.

LAWRY'S® Seasoned Salt is the original seasoned salt created in 1938 at the world famous LAWRY'S® The Prime Rib Restaurant in Beverly Hills. Lawry’s unique blend of salt, spices and herbs taste great on prime ribs, steaks, chicken and casseroles. The possibilities are endless.

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