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Grumpy Mule Rwanda Musasa Dukunde Kawa

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Is it wrong to have favourites? With brew like this one, it’s hard not to. This coffee is mighty – not the biggest or the strongest but a canvass-shuddering knockout.

The red bourbon Arabica beans of the Rushashi district have the benefit of a unique climate and altitude, creating an amazing clarity and vivid flavour. It’s lemony but creamy, sweet yet savoury. Put it this way, it’s a surly mule’s total bliss.

Complex grapefruit acidity, caramel & molasses sweetness, floral, black tea aroma. Tea-like and savory on the aroma and first sip as a lot of top quality coffees from the region are, the Musasa quickly takes on a complex range of sweet and acidic flavors, grapefruit and lime in the forefront, but none too overpowering. The caramel and molasses flavors leave a refined sweet and lasting finish.

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