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Tregothnan Peppermint Tea

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Peppermint tea benefits from Tregothnan:

Caffeine free – a delicious alternative to black and green tea

Whole peppermint leaves grown in England supports British farming and growers

Aids digestion – perfect as an after dinner drink

Hydrating – a flavour-packed alternative to water. Can be cold-brewed for even greater thirst quenching benefits.

Naturally sweet – a great alternative to sugary, high-calorie drinks.

Brewing Instructions

To brew a cup of the best peppermint tea, use freshly boiled water which has been left to cool to approximately 80ºc, to avoid the peppermint leaves from being scorched with overly hot water.

We recommend four minutes of steeping time for the perfect, refreshing peppermint brew. 100% naturally caffeine free.

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