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Tregothnan Chamomile Tea

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Each box contains 14 individually sealed chamomile tea pouches for ultra freshness. The benefits of chamomile tea in this format means your last serving of tea will be as fresh as your first! We have measured the perfect quantity of loose leaf, english-grown chamomile flowers and sealed in the floral aroma into airtight foil pouches. Easy to brew, just open the pouch and pour the contents into your tea infuser.

Benefits of Chamomile Tea from Tregothnan:

Caffeine free – herbal alternative to black and green tea

Stalk-on, whole flowers for a fuller flavour

Aids relaxation – chamomile is reported to soothe the nervous system and promote better sleep.

Immune booster – chamomile has a reputation for healing and many other health benefits

Naturally sweet – the golden brew has virtually no calories but tastes as sweet as the summer.

Brewing Instructions

To brew a cup of the best chamomile tea, use freshly boiled water which has been left to cool to approximately 80ºc, to avoid the whole chamomile flowers from being scorched with overly hot water.

We recommend four to five minutes of steeping time for the perfect, refreshing chamomile brew. 100% naturally caffeine free.

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